Lilypad a hit at WISH

Kenneth gave a great talk on our deployment study with Lilypad at WISH 2016, co-located with CHI. Gabi was one of the organizers this year.

Abstract: "We studied a transition from paper to electronic health records through a deployment of a tablet-based information system, Lilypad, which we developed for behavioral and mental health services provided in school contexts. A behavior disorder program comprising two classrooms within a public elementary school used Lilypad for four months. Through observation and contextual interviews, we found that Lilypad enabled the providers to create and edit records more regularly throughout the day, with more consistency across providers and an increased amount of detail through typed comments. We expected higher effects on providers reflecting on data and sharing it with others, and we discuss influential factors and directions for future work. The implications of this work are in the design of electronic health records that can improve information exchange and communication among providers, to address continuity of care."

Read the submission here.