Doctoral Students

Research Staff


Former Collaborators

Our HCII Past

Our enduring thanks to the following students and collaborators, who contributed to our projects in the previous incarnation of this research group at Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

  • Andy Chan
  • Angela McCarthy
  • Anu Jayasinghe
  • Arthur Hong
  • Chanamon Ratanalert
  • Cristina Shin
  • Debra Gladwin
  • Erick Custodio
  • Gabrielle Rivkin
  • Greg Nicholas
  • Hayden Demerson
  • Jillian Goodwyn
  • Julia Teitelbaum
  • Justin Greet
  • Kevin Shaefer
  • Quintin Carlson
  • Rebecca Chen
  • Ryhan Hassan
  • Shilpa Balaji
  • Westin Lohne